B.Ed. admission 2024

Alumni Cell


An Alumni Cell is an association of former students (alumni).

Objectives of Alumni Cell:

  • To provide a forum for the Alumni to interact amongst themselves as also with the Principal, Teachers and the present students.
  • To promote friendly association between them.
  • To disseminate knowledge and skills for the mutual benefit of the Members as also for the benefit of the College.
  • To undertake -Intellectual activities, Academic activities, Social service etc. for the benefit of the Members as also of the College and for the society at large, as detailed under:
  • To conduct academic meets such as conferences / workshops / seminars / symposia / lectures by eminent personalities from various walks of life etc. for the Members as also for the present students and/or teachers of the College on various current subjects/topics of interest and relevance.

Alumni Cell members

  1. Dr. Puja Singh (Principal)               – Chairperson
  2.                                                                – Alumni member
  3.                                                                 – Alumni member
  4. Mr. Ravi Kumar                                  – Member Secretary (9934149940)